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The Dawn of Paperless and the iPad Pro

iPad Pro Batman

Finally got to use the iPad Pro 9.7″ with Apple Pencil. THIS is how I am finally going to learn cartooning. My biggest hang-up with art instruction on paper is going through all the paper. I learned drafting, architectural drawing, and technical descriptive drawing in the mid-1980s. We went through so much paper, with the instructor circling inconsistencies with red pen and removing two points for each mark. Very infrequently would I get a “check”, which meant he could find nothing wrong with the picture. How we worked for those checks.

“Kids” nowadays will never know the pain and joy of toiling away with pencil, compass, white eraser, T-square, and triangles. No sweeping eraser crumbs into a little pile on the floor at the end of class. No sharpening wooden 2H and HB pencils, or clicking to refill a mechanical 0.7mm lead holder, or stacking drafting gear into a drawer with care each night. I think it is for the best.

Next, I expect Apple to release a tablet with some kind of high-density ePaper screen, and Apple Pencil v2. The only thing missing is the screen technology. Amazon’s Kindle Oasis is at 300ppi for a black & white screen. So it is only a matter of time before Apple adopts something similar. I can’t wait.